Thundery showers are expected this afternoon ( 23 June) in London and the south-east of England amid fears adverse weather conditions might prevent people from getting to polling stations to cast a vote on whether the UK should remain or leave the European Union.

The Met Office issued an amber 'be prepared' warning, saying more thunderstorms are expected this afternoon and evening.

Heavy downpours already hit the UK this morning, with reports suggesting people would not be able to get to polling stations due to flooding.

The adverse weather also caused several polling stations to close or be relocated.

A spokesperson for YouGov told IBTimes UK the research firm could not comment on possible poll results until Friday (24 June).

However, Anthony Wells, YouGov's research director, previously told IBTimes UK: "Common sense obviously suggests that people are less likely to go out in the pouring rain, but the actual evidence doesn't back it up very well. In past elections in this country when we've had different weather in different parts of the country, it hasn't produced a big difference in turnout."