EU count
Ballot papers are being counted across the country in the EU referendum Getty

Will Britain Leave or Remain? We bring you the latest results from polling stations across the UK.

With 308 of 382 voting areas reporting:Leave:Remain:
Total votes:17,410,74216,141,241

The latest so far

  • The UK has voted to leave the EU.
  • Leave won 51.9% of the votes counted so far, with an eventual 52/48 split expected.
  • There was a turnout of 72.2%, as 33.6 million people took part in the referendum
  • Britain votes to Leave EU in historic referendum IBTimes UK

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Labour MPs reportedly instructed to reassure electorate politicians on all sides will respect Brexit decision.


Far-right French politician Marine Le Pen has called for Frexit as the UK announced the results of its referendum. Le Pen, the leader of the National Front in France, tweeted: "Victory of freedom! As I ask for years, it is now necessary to have a referendum in France and the countries of the EU MLP".


The UK has voted to leave the EU


Following a call for a likely Brexit win, and immediate drop in the pound, Leave.EU co-founder and co-chairman Richard Tice said: "The blame on sterling drop and market turmoil lies at Downing Streets door

"When looking for reasons the pound has dropped after we voted to leave the European Union we need look no further than number 10 and 11 Downing Street and their complicit international institutions.

"Their scare stories weren't enough to panic the British public into voting remain but they most certainly have been enough to concern investors unnecessarily in the short term.

"The U.K. Is a strong economy with fantastic hard working people and we can continue to go from strength to strength.

"This will flow through into the markets in due course, sooner than the scare stories would have you believe."


Reactions to the Brexit vote have begun rolling in, with people including Harry Potter author JK Rowling commenting on the apparent Leave win.


Sinn Fein has reportedly said the likely Brexit vote will "intensify the case" for having a referendum on a united Ireland.


Will other countries follow the UK? The leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom has called for a Dutch EU referendum


Dozens of bankers have arrived at Canary Wharf as the financial implications of a likely Brexit vote become apparent. The pound is currently at its lowest level since 1985, and the markets already reflect the impact of yesterday's vote.

Bankers arrive at Canary Wharf
Dozens of bankers arrive at Canary Wharf Lewis Dean


Nigel Farage has been speaking at the Leave EU headquarters in central London.

Nigel Farage: Let 23 June go down as our Independence Day ITN


The result is razor thin but at 13.4 million votes it seems that Leave is on track to hit the 16.8 million that it needs to win. Remain is now almost one million votes behind with only 69 results left to declare.


BBC says that there is no way that Remain can win: 'We're out,' said David Dimbleby.


Vince Cable has warned of a 'financial bloodbath' if Britain leaves the EU.

Vince Cable warns of financial bloodbath if Britain leaves ITN


Brexiter Liam Fox has said there will be a "period of disentanglement" following a Brexit.

The Conservative MP - and one time party leader hopeful - also gave his backing to David Cameron remaining prime minister until the next general election.

"Clearly he should stay because there will be short term volatility," he added.

"As the prime minister who gave us a referendum he is best place to see us through [this period]."


Nigel Farage has now called for David Cameron to quit immediately, if the Leave campaign triumphs. Ian Silvera reports.


The pound is now at its lowest level for 30 years: it is down 9% against the US dollar and 6% against the Euro.


Nigel Farage is having his moment.


Manchester votes Remain by 60% to 40%. Bexley 60% to 40% to Leave. Slough 54% to Leave.


Leave now ahead by almost 500,000 votes - squeaky bum time for the Remain campaign


Bookmaker Ladbrokes says there is now an 86% chance of a Brexit.


Conservative Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg say it is not impossible to have an quick election after this referendum. 'It depends how the government reacts [to a possible leave result]' he says, cryptically.


Bad news from Sheffield for Remain, where voters have gone 51% Leave when it was expected to go 52% the other way.


Labour donor and Leave campaigner John Mills said the party should have been more critical of the EU on the campaign trail.

"The mistake the part made was being so strongly in favour rater than being critical, which Labour voters would have related to.

The entrepreneur added it was "not entirely" Jeremy Corbyn's fault but conceded "so many people have not voted for Labour policy...and that is not good news."