Cannabis-infused drinks are now on sale in Washington less than two months after the recreational drug became legal in the West Coast state.

Brewed by entrepreneur Adam Stites, the sodas, named Legal, come in cherry, lemon and pomegranate flavours, and contain 10 milligrams each of locally grown cannabis extract along with other natural ingredients.

They have been specifically created to meet any occasion whether to help you "swim off into a day of work" or to simply enjoy a "couch, meet butt" moment.

The lemon-ginger flavoured drink promises to be "so ridiculously relaxing that you may find yourself becoming one with your furniture".

"It's much more approachable, as opposed to 'Hey, mom and dad, do you want a joint?'", said Stites, the founder of Mirth Provisions.

"The idea is we are going to put a reasonable dosage in here that you can kick back and casually drink the whole thing without worrying about how are you going to feel later."

The company soon hopes to sell its Cold Brew coffee-flavoured drink with 20 milligrams of cannabis, which offers an "uplifting and euphoric head high" with "a gentle body buzz".

The $10 (£6) drinks are only available in Washington-certified cannabis dispensaries. But they could soon be available in supermarkets.

Recreational cannabis was legalised in Washington state in July – the second state after Colorado began selling marihuana in January.

Mirth Provisions Manifesto

Mirth Provisions Manifesto
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