The Nobel prize-winning Danish physicist, Niels Bohr, is reported to have said that "prediction is very difficult, especially about the future".

But it appears that these predictions are not so hard for the makers of The Simpsons.

When news broke about Disney's purchase of 20th Century Fox, people were quick to highlight the fact that the Simpsons predicted the move, almost 20 years before it had even happened.

It emerged that the cartoon-makers back in 1988 foresaw the business deal taking place, with a sign outside a building reading, "20th Century Fox, A Division of Walt Disney Co."

A still of the image went viral on social media after news of the deal broke.

The cartoon, which as a result of the deal is now owned by Disney, has been has been famed for its high rate of accurate predictions for the future.

Back in 2000, the show ran a storyline that dealt with the aftermath of a Donald Trump presidency.

The scene shows President Lisa Simpson discussing the state of the economy which "inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump," 15 years before the billionaire even announced his intention to run as a Republican candidate.

Running on the theme of global economies, the cartoon in 2012 predicted that Greece would be put on eBay by Europe.

This came three years before the Mediterranean became the first developed nation to default to the IMF.

In 2007, the Simpson family were forced to go on the run as part of the Simpsons Movie.

As officials try to find the family, they are eventually caught by a huge team working at the NSA who had been listening into their conversations.

This came six years before Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the scale of mass-surveillance that the government were engaged in on the phone calls and emails of American citizens.

Back in 2008, the cartoon showed Homer Simpson enter a voting booth for the presidential election.

He tries to vote for Barack Obama, but the voting machine inputs John McCain instead.

This became a reality four years later when a citizen tried to vote for Obama in 2012, but instead their input was recognised for Mitt Romney instead. The machine in question was taken out of service when the issue was reported.

In 2013, Britain was rocked by the horse-meat scandal, which saw numerous meat products revealed to contain horse.

But back in 1994, this was the norm for students at Springfield Elementary school, which showed that it was using horse meat for their school meals.

And in 1993, the cartoon mocked the magicians Siegfried and Roy who were known for their tiger acts.

Ten years later, it became a reality when Roy was seriously injured when one of their tigers attacked him.