A woman in California who was convicted of plotting to kill her identical twin sister in 1996 has been granted parole by the state's parole board 19 years after she was sentenced.

Jeen 'Gina' Han "meticulously, carefully, thoughtfully, and over time plotted the murder of her twin sister, Sunny Han," the Orange County District Attorney said in a letter urging the Governor to reverse Han's parole.

On 6 November 1996, two male suspects forced their way into Sunny Han's home and tied up her roommate. Sunny heard the commotion and called the police before she too was held by the intruders.

Sunny Han and the roommate, Helen Kim, said that at the time they thought the two, who had posed as magazine salesmen, would kill or rape them.

The two male defendants later said that Gina Han had suggested killing her sister. Johnathan Sayarath told officers that Han had waiting in the car while they entered the residence.

According to the Orange County DA, Sayarath "said Gina Han ordered them to secure Sunny Han and then come and get her from the car so she could come in and kill her".

Gina Han had previously stolen numerous items from her sister and even posed as her to withdraw money from a bank, leading her to be sentenced to prison earlier in 1996.

Han was arrested later at an airport rent-a-car where she was found with receipts for gloves, poly twine and utility tape - and several credit card purchases in Sunny's name.

The Orange County DA said that the the offence was "carried out in an especially cold, brutal, and callous manner, demonstrating zero regard for the life and suffering of her sister Sunny Han".

The DA said that the crime had come from "a distinct personality disorder" Gina Han suffers from but that she has "not engage in any of that treatment".

Han has also corresponded with men around the world who have offered her money, housing and work, the DA said - including a man in England who corresponded with her for a year and gave her $100,000. The DA said that this was an example of Han "still flexing the manipulation muscles that she used when she recruited two young men to murder her sister".

California Governor Jerry Brown has a 120-day review period during which he is able to reject or approve the recommendation for parole.