A Yorkshire councillor who made foul-mouthed remarks about a fund set up in memory of murdered Labour MP Jo Cox "cannot be suspended," it has been ruled.

In a Facebook post, Dominic Peacock said he "donated the steam off his p*ss" after a GoFundMe page was set up to raise funds for the types of causes the slain mother-of-two campaigned for.

He has since been 'banned' from the Conservative Party for four years, however, a standards committee for East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Beverley Town Council – where Peacock remains a councillor – said he could not forcibly be removed from his post.

"We find the comments made by Cllr Peacock to be both offensive and crude and extremely disrespectful to the memory of Jo Cox and her family," said standards committee chair Councillor Margaret Chadwick, according to the Hull Daily Mail.

"We are of the view that his actions have brought both councils into disrepute and are very disappointed that Cllr Peacock did not tender his resignation immediately which would have been the most honourable thing for him to do.

"We are incredibly frustrated that we are unable to impose a sanction ourselves and can only make a recommendation to the two councils concerned.

"It is also important to clarify that there are limitations as to what the councils can ultimately enforce.

"To be clear, legally, neither we nor the councils can suspend or remove Cllr Peacock from office."

Jo Cox Tribute Memorial
Floral tributes paid to the Labour MP Jo Cox Dan Kitwood/Getty

Peacock, a prominent local Leave supporter in the EU referendum, made the comment on a Brexit Facebook page.

Commenting on his post, he would later say he was "sick and tired" of Cox's death being "used against the Brexit cause".

He later deleted the original post, stating: "I've deleted my offensive comment, I shouldn't have put it on in the first place – I won't make excuses."

There have been numerous calls for Peacock to resign, but he has so far refused to do so and continues to draw a £14,000 allowance from East Riding Council.