Nigel Farage enters Trump Tower
Nigel Farage enters Trump Tower's golden elevator Getty

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage was spotted on Thursday evening entering Trump Tower in New York for the third time since Donald Trump was elected the next president. The new sighting is fuelling speculation that Farage will be offered a role advising the president-elect on UK - US relations.

Farage reportedly entered Trump Tower's gold elevators without speaking to the press but had earlier said that he would not be meeting with Trump himself but instead members of Trump's team.

Trump's seemingly close relationship to Farage caused a stir back in the UK when the president-elect tweeted that Farage would make a good ambassador to the US, saying "he would do a great job!". Downing Street quickly rebutted the suggestion, saying there was "no vacancy" for the position.

When Farage previously offered to act as a middle-man between the UK government and Trump's team, Downing Street shot him down. He then took to LBC radio to fire back, saying they were more interested in "petty party politics and trying to keep me out of everything."

Farage's relationship with Trump has also put UK Prime Minister Theresa May on the back heel, with reports saying that she was angling for a trip to Washington at the "earliest opportunity" to cement her own relationship with the incoming president.

The former leader of UKIP, Farage stepped down officially when Paul Nuttall was elected the new leader.