Esteban Granero
Midfielder Esteban Granero, who signed a four-year deal with QPR Thursday, made 67 appearances for Real Madrid since 2009. REUTERS

Esteban Granero "is going to stay at Real Madrid" until the end of the season and possibly beyond, after the management company representing the reputed Liverpool target categorically denied recent comments made by the Spaniard's former agent.

On Friday, The International Business Times UK were told by Teofilo Lazaro, a man purporting to be the Real Madrid player's agent, that Granero was "keen for a move away - possibly to Liverpool", yet the 24-year-old's management team have subsequently contradicted those claims.

In an exclusive interview with The International Business Times UK, a spokesman from The Best of You Sport Managers said Lazaro is no longer associated with Granero and reiterated the talented midfielder's commitment to Real Madrid following discussions with Jose Mourinho earlier in the season.

The source confirmed there had been interest from "some clubs in Spain and in the UK" amid speculation Liverpool are amongst the Spaniard's suitors, but confirmed Granero's desire "to succeed by playing football with Real Madrid".

While acknowledging Granero's peripheral role at the Bernabeu, the aforementioned source suggested the former Getafe star was determined to force his way back into Mourinho's first team plans this season, and only in the summer would they then assess the player's future prospects.

Granero's current management company represent a host of high-profile Bernabeu stars and they were keen to stress that they had no intention of causing friction with the club, and would not endeavour to engineer a transfer away from Real Madrid without their consent.

"The future of Esteban Granero is very clear." A source from The Best of You Sport Managers, which look after the rights and image of the Real Madrid's Esteban Granero, told The IBTimes UK.

"This year he is not playing a lot, and in the last few weeks there are a lot of rumours about his future in different medias.

"For sure there appears to be interest from some clubs in Spain and in the UK. Nowadays nothing is closed, but his future is at Real Madrid.

"He would like to succeed by playing football with Real Madrid and he will do everything to convince his coach.

"Esteban is going to stay at Real Madrid, from now until the end of the season. When the season finishes Esteban has one more year in his contract with Madrid and we shall see."

The source was keen to stress that none of their portfolio of players were interested in coveting negative publicity for Real Madrid, and were keen to clarify the recent confusion regarding Granero's future amid the aforementioned claims regarding a move to Liverpool.

"We have a great relationship with Real Madrid." He added. "Everything we are doing is in common with Real Madrid. We will not go to Madrid and say 'we have an offer', we want to go'.

"Our players never do anything bad in the press or damaging to the interests of the club. We do not want any confusion here.

"The truth is Granero is going to continue with Real Madrid. Maybe if a great offer appears but I think now it's difficult with this market because there is not a lot of money."

The source also told The International Business Times UK that Lazaro, who spoke brazenly about Granero's future on Friday by claiming a move to Liverpool in the summer was a distinct possibility, was no longer the agent of the Real Madrid playmaker and is therefore not permitted to discuss the Spaniard's future at the Bernabeu.