New reports from Apple rumour-mill 9to5Mac have emerged claiming to confirm the existence of Apple's iPad 3.

9to5Mac's report followed on from a previous "leak" by The Digitimes, which reported that the codes "J1" and "J2" referred to two prototype models of the iPad 3.

"Apple is currently giving two tablet PC projects codenamed J1 and J2 to its upstream partners for development. The sources revealed that the major differences of the new tablet PCs compared to the previous model are their size, specifications and technologies," read The Digitimes report.

In its report, 9to5Mac said it had discovered the same J1 and J2 codenames while searching through a number of Apple "code strings."

Citing a slew of fresh unnamed sources, the site went on to reiterate The Digitimes' claims that the device would be 0.7mm thicker than the iPad. The increased size was attributed to Apple's desire to improve the device's screen resolution, with the logistics of the endeavour forcing the company to add a second light bar.

Besides claims regarding the iPad 3's size, 9to5Mac and The Digitimes both reiterated the longstanding rumour that Apple's new iPad would house a "Retina" display that may double the iPad's screen resolution.

Apple is yet to unveil any firm information regarding its next entry into the iPad series. At the time this article was written Apple had not responded to request for comment on The Digitimes' or 9to5Mac's reports.