iPhone Air and 6C

Dozens of new iPhone and iPad concepts roll out every week as rumour mills keep churning out tidy bits of information about high-end gadgets of the future. While most of these are easily dismissible, some of them hold great promise. Two such concepts have now been presented by a company called Set Solution.

Their models of the iPhone Air and iPhone 6C look rather plausible since they use many of the same design aesthetics that Apple's products are famous for.

While the design used on the iPhone Air concept will not really surprise you, it happens to be amazingly beautiful. On the other hand, the iPhone 6C concept has a unique design which, if applied, might just make it a far more appealing successor to Apple's not-so-popular iPhone 5C.

iPhone Air

As per its name, it looks like this concept, which poses as the successor of the iPhone 5S, is based on Apple's new iPad Air. Apart from borrowing the new tablet's sleek profile and name, the iPhone Air concept also has a beautiful display that is bound to win admiration. You can check out the concept in the video below.

As for dimensions, the iPhone Air is 1.5 mm thinner at the top and 3 mm thicker at the bottom, weighing 70 grams. Its edge-to-edge glass display is a nice touch and adds more visual goodness to the handset.

However, it is worth noting that its amazingly sleek profile happens to be its greatest flaw. While ultra sleek phones are beautiful to look at, they aren't very comfortable to hold, especially when they house such a large display. A thin, wide phone will prove extremely slippery to hold while answering calls and there is a good chance that Apple might never come out with a design that's as sleek.

iPhone 6C

Featuring a wonderfully well pronounced curved design, the iPhone 6C is easily a beautiful phone. Owing to its unique design, it can pass off as a premium design despite using a plastic body. Apple's iPhone 5C, according to analysts, did not really take off because customers were not really being offered anything new as far as the handset was concerned.

But that is not the case with this wonderful iPhone 6C concept, which offers a fresh design similar to LG's Flex. You can check out the concept in the video below.