Gullible iPhone users have destroyed their devices by putting them in the microwave after falling for a fake internet advertisement.

It was claimed by the advert that the fraudulent function Apple Wave allows users to charge their iPhone in the microwave when instead, as you'd expect, the kitchen appliance just sets it on fire.

Apple has broadcast warnings over the illegitimacy of Apple Wave and the advert, which was first posted on the now infamous 4chan website.

Apple iOS Support tweeted: "Heard of #AppleWave? IT'S A HOAX AND WILL DESTROY YOUR IPHONE! Please help spread the word!"

Los Angeles Police Department also warned of the hoax on local news television and radio, following a spate of microwave-meets-iPhone incidents. "This #Wave capability is a #hoax. Don't be fooled into microwaving your #iPhone 6," LAPD Communications tweeted.

LAPD spokesman Brian Humphrey told Nine News: "We were alarmed at this notion, because of course any metal inside of a microwave oven can lead to a fire and potentially an explosion.

"So we're asking people to read the instructions on their smartphone device and realise there's no shortcut."

In fairness to the many who destroyed their phones, the Apple Wave advertisement has a convincing design.

It pitches Apple Wave as an 'iOS 8 exclusive,' and says that "Wave allows your device to be charged wirelessly through microwave frequencies."

"Wave can be used to quickly charge your device's battery using any standard household microwave."

It then proceeds to give instructions: 60 seconds at 700 watts or 70 seconds at 800 watts. It also warns not to microwave charge for "over 300 seconds."

The hoax recalls 4chan's previous prank when they convinced iPhone users that an iOS 7 update would make their smartphone waterproof.