A man's manic plan to kill his mother-in-law ended up injuring four people including his wife. 35-year-old Satya Thakor had been lying to his wife's family about his profession. While claiming to be a doctor, the failed medical student was, in reality, unemployed for over seven years. Reading Crown Court heard how Thakor ended up stabbing his wife, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law to prevent the family from finding out the truth.

Prosecutor Michael Roques informed the court that Thakor had lied to the family about his medical degree as well as his employment. The ruse started over seven years ago, before he married his wife, Nisha. Thakor had reportedly orchestrated a car crash days before his wedding to cancel the couple's honeymoon which he did not have money to pay for.

The Normanton Road, North Evington, Leicester resident continued to lie to his family about his profession. He used to leave the home for long hours, claiming that he was working night shifts. The family's expenses were borne by Nisha, who is a solicitor. Thakor told Nisha that he was saving all of his paychecks for a house they were planning to buy.

reading crown court
Reading Crown Court heard a failed medical student tried to kill his wife’s family to prevent them from discovering that he had been lying about being a doctor for seven-years. Harry Mitchell/Harry Mitchell [CC BY https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0]

After the birth of their daughter, Nisha wanted her husband to plan a family trip to Los Angeles. Thakor told Nisha that he had booked flights and shows. In reality, the unemployed man did not have the money to take his family on a holiday. He instead planned to orchestrate another tragic incident to use as an excuse to cancel the trip.

Leicestershire Live reported that Thakor lied about attending a plastic surgery workshop in Reading to stay at his mother-in-law's home in Wraysbury, Berkshire. In the morning, the man went to Gita Laxman's room and tried to smother her to death. When she struggled and screamed, he stabbed her repeatedly.

Nisha walked in on Thakur stabbing Gita. Thakor got off of Gita and attacked Nisha, stabbing her in the neck and leg. When Thakor's brother-in-law, Primal Laxman, tried to intervene, he too was stabbed. Finally, Thakor attacked his sleeping sister-in-law, Rishika Laxman, in her room.

The police arrived to find Thakor in Gita's bathroom, where he was muttering about demons telling him to kill his family. Thakor continued the narrative of being instructed by supernatural entities to attack his family. His psychiatrist asked for details of his hospital team so that they could be informed Thakor confessed.

Judge Paul Dugdale ruled that Thakor was buying time with his illogical plan and had no intention of killing any other family members apart from his mother-in-law. Reading Crown Court found him guilty of three charges of attempted murder and one charge of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. Thakor will be serving a 28-year prison sentence and has been served with a permanent restraining order to stay away from the family.