Today marks 12 months since Donald Trump was elected president of the United States.

Those who said the presidency would transform the bombastic mogul into a more considered politician and statesman have been sorely disappointed. Depending on your political stance, the tweeter-in-chief continues to delight or infuriate with his use of social media.

Who could forget when he tweeted a bizarre doctored video of himself fighting a CNN logo at Wrestlemania? Another video of him 'hitting' Hilary Clinton with a golf ball drew accusations of misogyny. His now legendary "covfefe" tweet had many even questioning his sanity.

More recently he has used Twitter to condemn NFL players who took a knee in protest during the US anthem, critcised a sentence against a former prisoner of war and even threatened North Korea with all-out nuclear war.

How well have you been paying attention to Trump's Twitter feed over the past year? We've put together this quiz which will test if you can tell his real tweets from the fakes we made up.