Falling Skies season 5 premiere
Falling Skies season 5 premieres on 28 June on TNT TNT

Falling Skies season 5 will find humanity staging its final assault against the invading fish-head Espheni Overlords thus giving a proper ending to TNT's post-apocalyptic show.

The season 5 premiere episode is titled Find Your Warrior, which will focus on finding Tom Mason.

According to the official synopsis, "A group of survivors forms a resistance movement after an alien invasion."

In the last season, Tom Mason and his group of human survivors known as the Second Mass, scored a much-needed win by destroying the invaders' moon-based power core, thanks to Lexie's sacrifice. Meanwhile, leader Tom Mason is rescued in the depths of space by a mysterious and "beautiful" group of aliens who we've seemingly never met before.

Who are they? Can they help humanity win the war? Season 5 will answer these questions while bringing an epic end to the sky-falling saga.

"This is the time for overkill," Tom declares in the bleak season 5 trailer as he holds up the decapitated head of a charred Skitter.

In an interview at the London MCM Expo stars Moon Bloodgood, Drew Roy, and Will Patton teased major character deaths and a satisfying, "powerful" close to the series as a whole.

In addressing season 4's cliffhanger ending, the actors confirmed that the new aliens will indeed play a pivotal role in the final battle for Earth, and that premiere episode will address some of the mystery surrounding them, including the species' name.

Bloodgood also teased that the aliens will have a "very specific relationship with a certain character" and will foreshadow the events to come.

The final season will feature one final battle between humanity and alien race Esphenis, which will determine the fate of the earth.

Falling Skies season 5 will premiere on 28 June at 10pm on TNT.