Following the horrific coach crash in a tunnel near Sierre Switzerland, that left 22 school children and 6 adults' dead, with a further 24 injured.

The parents of the deceased and critically injured have started arriving in Switzerland.

Speaking in french at a press conference the Belgium Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo said everything was being done to help families of the injured

'The Swiss government has provided the victims' families with lodging where they can stay until the end of the investigation, adding that "the most important thing now is that the injured children want to see their parents, and vice verse. We will assist the parents of the deceased."

At the same press conference, Olivier Elsig the Premier Procurator in Valais explained that tests on the vehicle were being carried out

"The speed of the vehicle is still under test. We have found the revolution counter, and are analyzing it. Under the current circumstances, we could say that the vehicle didn't drive fast."

Meanwhile at St Lambertus School in Leuven Belgium where 26 people were on the ski ing school trip and coach crash . Mourners lay teddy bears,flowers amongst the pictures drawn by children at the school gates, in memory of the teacher, assistant and several children who died in the crash.were killed in the coach crash. A further 8 children are injured some seriously.