THE TALE OF TOILET FLUSHING SNAKE!!!! 😂 I was called out to a home in Doonan today to relocate this grumpy brown tree snake from inside the toilet flush button. The toilet had been flushing by itself randomly for days then they opened it up and found a surprise waiting for them! It was a quick catch but but it needed to be. That or putting my hand down into the toilet water 😂🤢(For licensing or usage, contact your Sunday everyone :)Luke 0499 920 290

Posted by Snake Catcher Noosa on Saturday, January 27, 2018

A Queensland family who thought their toilet had some "ghostly" presence was astonished to find a snake inside it.

According to local media reports, the family was frustrated for days because the cistern in their toilet was randomly flushing on its own. Initially the Noosa family thought it was happening due to some pipe connection issue. Finally, a local snake catcher came to their rescue, the Daily Mail reported.

The family called Luke on Sunday, 28 January, afternoon who discovered a slippery and "pretty grumpy" four-metre-long guest resting in the water tank. He also made a video of himself catching the snake.

He titled the video – The Tale of the Toilet Flushing Snake – and said: "We've got ourselves a brown tree snake in behind where the toilet flushes. Hopefully, he's going to be able to come straight out...But he's a little bit grumpy."

The clip shows the reptile lunging at Luke, who manages to take it out from the wall and put it into a black bag as the family claps and cheers.

"It was a quick catch but it needed to be. It was that or putting my hand down into the toilet water," Luke wrote on Facebook, describing the experience.

Luke's short video has garnered a lot of attention and has been viewed more than 15,000 times within a few hours. Several people have even praised him for his quick and clean catch.

"Can't believe how quick your reaction time is!" one Facebook user wrote, while another commented: "Omg Luke can't believe what strange places these snakes hide in. Most of all how the hell did he get in there?"

Snake Catcher Noosa
Luke discovered the slippery and “pretty grumpy” four metre long snake resting in the water tank of the Queensland family home toilet Facebook/ Snake Catcher Noosa

It was reported that the snake has now been securely transferred into the wilds.