Brian returns to Family Guy in special holiday episode
Brian returns to Family Guy in special holiday episode (Photo: FamilyGuy/facebook) Fox

Brian Griffin is back from the dead. The beloved Family Guy pooch that was killed off in the 24 November episode returns to the show in this week's holiday episode, reports TV Line.

Episode Plot

The Griffins head to the mall for the annual Christmas carnival but to their shock, find that it has been cancelled. After a series of events involving Peter, things get back on track.

On Santa's lap, Stewie breaks down and confesses that what he really wants for Christmas is Brian back.

That being impossible, Vinny (Brian's replacement on the show) tries to fill in for his predecessor by studying up on politics and writing a book. When these tactics do not cheer Stewie up, the mutt escorts the youngster to the toy store to pick up a distraction. But the duo get more than they bargained for when Stewie spots a familiar face: his own.

Remembering that, in the past, he travelled to the future to pick up a gadget, he knows that in this other Stewie's backpack is a time machine return pad. He can use it to rewind and save Brian.

Though Stewie points out that, if he saves Brian, the Griffins probably will not get another dog, meaning he will never ever meet Vinny, the pooch puts on a brave face. "I'm man's best friend," he insists, "not some stupid baby's best friend."

So Current Stewie steals the time machine and voila, Brian is saved.

According to a Mediaite report, the hard-drinking, literary-aspiring Brian was killed off in the episode, Life of Brian, resulting in an online fan-based campaign to bring him back.

Many speculated that the campaign was successful as the listing for the Sunday, 15 December episode read: "Stewie devises a master plan to get the one and only thing he wants for Christmas."

But since each episode takes roughly 10 months to create, it's more likely that the show had planned this all along as a clever ratings ploy for the holiday season episodes of the show.

Watch the video of Stewie saving Brian: