It may just be an early Halloween prank but fans believe that David Bowie visited the set of ITV show "Lorraine," while the host and her guest Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr., better known as Mika, were talking about the late singer.

In a released clip from the "Lorraine" episode on Thursday, Lorraine Kelly and Mika were discussing the latter's fifth album, where he talks about its difference from his previous works in terms of colour, mood, and influence. He then brought up the fact that Kelly is a huge fan of the "Labyrinth" actor.

While the pair was discussing their fascination with Bowie, Kelly admitted that it is her biggest regret that she never got to meet the legendary artist. While they were talking about Bowie being a great inspiration for Mika, the lights in the studio suddenly turned dark green. They both appeared bothered by the spooky surprise.

"Oh! Hello! That's quite spooky. We mentioned David Bowie and look what happened," Kelly exclaimed before she asked her production team if they were behind the lighting change.

"You didn't do that, did you? That just happened," she asked and said "oohh" when she realized no one from her studio team was responsible.

"Oooh, that has given me goosebumps Mika. Did nobody did that? That just happened? Oh wow," she added then laughed the experience off, "Oh that was quite strange."

Mika, on the other hand, tried to compose himself while he talked about why Bowie is an inspiration to him, but admitted that what happened was "weird."

Those who tuned in to the "Lorraine" episode took to Twitter to share their thoughts about Bowie's ghost visiting the show.

"Loved this morning. Bowie making his presence known nothing changed there. A positive sign for Mika," Twitter user Lucy Hewitt wrote.

"Freaky!!! I did have to rewind to make sure I wasn't seeing things," Karen Daniel commented.

Meanwhile, others all agreed it was a spooky moment on "Lorraine," and some suggested that it was a Halloween prank or all set up to scare the audience ahead of Halloween. Mika and Kelly's reactions though, somehow show that they were not in on the plan.

11 January 2016: A woman with a tattoo of David Bowie pays her respects in front of a mural of the British singer, painted by Australian street artist James Cochran, aka Jimmy C, in Brixton, south London Justin Tallis/AFP