Nigel Farage has warned there will be "disturbance in the streets" if Brexit is watered down and has told supporters to "get even" with those that try to overturn the process.

Speaking on BBC's Andrew Marr Show following Thursday's High Court Ruling that MPs must be given a parliamentary vote before triggering Article 50, he said there was a "movement" to stop June's EU referendum result from being carried out in full.

Farage said: "What I see is a movement and this court case is just a part of it."

There's a movement to try and keep us in the single market and now we've seen Jeremy Corbyn, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg, even some Tory backbenchers who were on the Leave side are now arguing, "Of course, Britain must stay part of the single market."

"Frankly, if that's where we end up, we've got half-Brexit and that's not what we voted for."

When asked by Marr if there is going to be a "real disturbance in the streets if Brexit is thwarted by parliament", Farage agreed.

He added: "The temperature of this is very, very high. Now, I'm going to say everybody watching this who is on the Brexit side, let's try and get even.

"Let's have peaceful protest. Let's make sure that in any form of election, we don't support people that want to overturn this process."

Farage also argued that Lord Justice Thomas, one of the three judges in the High Court case brought forward by Gina Miller, should have absented himself for being an "activist" who actively pushed for integration of law at an EU level.

When asked whether he disapproved of the abuse the judges had received, such as branding them "enemies of the people" he said he completely understands it.

The former Ukip leader said: "We may have seen Bob Geldoff and 40,000 people in Parliament Square moaning about Brexit.

"But believe you me, if the people in this country think that they're going to be cheated or they're going to be betrayed then we will see political anger – the likes of which none of us in our lifetimes have ever witnessed in this country. Those newspaper headlines are reflecting that."