UK farmer
Farmers in Britain have been protesting over the price of milk, which is currently less than a bottle of water. Rob Stothard/Getty

The hashtag #Farm24 was trending across the United Kingdom on 18 August as hundreds of farmers took to Twitter to provide the world with an insight into the workings of the agriculture industry.

The initiative was started by the Farmers Guardian, a website for agricultural news and information. Starting at 5am on 18 August, everyone in Britain's agriculture industry was encouraged to share images and videos on Twitter about what they are doing over the course of 24 hours.

Group editor of the Farmers Guardian, Emma Penny, said: "We want to highlight everything farmers, their families and the industry around it does, to show how hard-working farming [industry] is and exactly how much effort goes into producing the food and shaping the countryside we all enjoy."

Within hours of the Twitter campaign starting, many in the agriculture industry had already begun posting images and videos of the beginning of their days. While some shared videos of their livestock, others described how they were picking organic courgettes or preparing potatoes that would be dispatched as chips by later in the evening.

One Twitter user, James Robinson, posted a video of a new baby calf, another posted a video of how they blow dry their cattle, while yet another documented the moment he was forced to wrestle an unripe apple from a cow's mouth. Many have been retweeting and responding positively to the Twitter hashtag.

The #Farm24 campaign comes amid ongoing protests by farmers across the country, who are unhappy about the price of milk, which is currently cheaper than a bottle of water. Earlier in the month, farmers began clearing supermarket shelves by buying milk in bulk and giving it away as a sign of protest.

IBTimes UK rounds up some of the best tweets from the #Farm24 hashtag so far.