Fast and Furious 7
Fast and Furious 7 official poster Universal Pictures/Facebook

Fast and Furious 7's first trailer release is just two days away but seven seconds of behind-the-scenes fight scenes footage from the film, has surfaced online.

"The clip cuts quickly between a few different combat scenes, but among the sights are Ludacris elbowing someone in the face, another character crashing through a window and what looks like the late Paul Walker (or maybe it's one of his look-alike brothers) throwing a few punches," states The Hollywood Reporter.

Watch the clip below:

Additionally, a couple of other promotional videos were also released by Universal, giving fans a roundup of sorts on Fast and Furious action and exotic locales. Check out the videos below:

Furious 7's first trailer is set to be live-streamed on the Fast & Furious Facebook page on Saturday, 1st November.