Man Gives Lip to Lip Kiss to Giant Crocodile in Shallow Water [VIDEO]
A cropped image from the YouTube video showing the man fearlessly kissing a wild crocodile. YouTube

After a series of reports on crocodile attacking man, here comes a shocker. An unidentified man has been captured on camera kissing a giant wild crocodile on the lips.

The incident took place at a river in Rio Tarcoles, Costa Rica when the man entered into the shallow water and reached near the 16.5 foot long crocodile who was resting.

As seen in the video, the mystery man then splashed water on the huge beast some time before pulling its head. The fearless/crazy man then swiftly planted a kiss on its lip and then walked to safe ground.

However, it is still unclear whether that crocodile was a pet to that man.

Thankfully, the giant reptile didn't eat up the man's hand or even worse, his head. However, such daring stunts are widely criticised by experts, who don't advise anyone to try these as it can turn deadly.

Nevertheless, the video, which was taken by a tourist, is garnering huge interest among viewers.

Watch the video below: