A 39-year-old man who was convicted of raping two underage girls has begged a judge to give him one last week of freedom.

Victor Jeffery, who has 12 children, was found guilty of three rape charges and one of sexual assault at Teesside Crown Court on Thursday (1 February). He was also accused of three more rape charges, but the jurors could not reach a verdict.

One of the underage girls he raped described his acts as "horrible" and told her mother who went to the police. Jeffery, of Middlesbrough, allegedly warned his victims not to tell anyone. He denied the allegations.

Jeffery will be sentenced next Friday (9 February). From the dock, he pleaded with judge Howard Crowson to be released on bail until that date.

"I know I've been convicted of this in a court of law, sir," Jeffery said, according to Gazette Live. "But can I please ask you to please let me go home for another week. I promise I will come here like I have done every day.

"I'm begging you sir, your honour. I don't need to be put on remand. I'm no risk to anybody."

Crowson denied the request. "I understand why you ask that. I'm afraid, Mr Jeffery, you'll have to stay where you are. It will be a long prison sentence."

In September 2016, the Gazette published a story about Jeffery running into a burning building to save a couple. He stormed into the blazing house as he knew the residents but no one was home at the time. He escaped the building unharmed.