Just as speculation grows surrounding the Xbox Series X and PS5, rumours soon followed related to the Nintendo Switch. Earlier this week, it was hinted by a renowned tech analyst that the Japanese gaming company will finally introduce a more powerful model of its hybrid console. Many believe it might be the pro version that will support 4K graphics and better performance. Just recently the FCC published documentation about another planned revision of the game system, but it's not what gamers might have expected.

It appears similar to the Switch V2, which was released in 2019, wherein Nintendo is just revising some of its components. According to the FCC, in a letter that accompanied its request, the company stated: "This is to request a Class II permissive change for FCC ID: BKEHAT002, originally granted on 04/18/2017 and all its permissive changes. We changed the following points from the original model." The manufacture intends to introduce replacements for the SoC, memory, and CPU to accommodate the aforementioned two.

Design-wise, the Nintendo Switch's appearance and functionalities will remain intact. "Since there is no change in shape of the enclosure and the component layout related to RF characteristics including the antenna between the original model and the new model, the SAR testing on the new model is not required and is waived," wrote the gaming outfit. The filings were made on Aug 23, and there are no details when the new models will start shipping.

Although what the FCC revealed is not the next-generation Switch that has been the subject of debate this week, it still comes as a surprise to the gaming industry. As indicated by an article from Bloomberg, "The specifications of the new machine have yet to be finalized, though the Kyoto-based company has looked into including more computing power and 4K high-definition graphics."

Nintendo said sales were given a lift by demand for the cheaper, smaller version of its popular Switch console Photo: AFP / Kazuhiro NOGI Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP

It seems that Nintendo has finally realised that if it does not upgrade its system, it will miss out on several next-generation titles. Both Sony and Microsoft are now preparing their respective marketing strategies for machines. So far, the Xbox Series X remains the more powerful of the two. The PS5, on the other hand, offers more immersive gameplay experiences with its DualSense controller, 3D Audio technology, and rumoured successor to the PSVR.