A female cyclist travelling through central London got revenge on a van driver who harassed her at a junction by chasing him down the road and ripping off his wing mirror.

The incident was captured by a moped rider wearing a GoPro camera attached to their helmet near the Goodge Street Tube station.

As the cyclist stops next to the van at a red light near Tottenham Court Road, one of the men asks her for her number.

After she tells them to go away and hits the side of the van, the man in the van responds: "That's not very ladylike, is it?"

He adds: "What charm school did you go to?"

The van driver then calls the cyclist an "old dog" and asks her if she is on her period, before trying to touch her shoulder.

As the lights change to green, the van speeds off – but the cyclist follows in hot pursuit until the van comes to a stop. The cyclist then reaches over and rips off the wing mirror and throws it on the floor, before riding off.

As the moped rider passes by the van, he shouts: "That's exactly what you deserve you scum."

There are claims the video was staged, which have not yet been verified. Social media company Jungle Creations has since licensed the footage but deny creating the video, saying they were acting for an anonymous third party.

Cyclist harassment
The van driver tries to touch the cyclist after verbally harassing her at a junction YouTube