Talk Radio presenter female journalist, Julia Hartley-Brewer, has opened up about an incident where a Tory MP repeatedly put his hand on her knee at a dinner several years ago. Brewer says she told the MP one more time and he will be punched on his face.

"The trouble is in the House of Commons there is quite a lot of grey areas about what is and what is not appropriate," said Brewer. "Many years ago when I was political editor at the Sunday Express I was at a dinner at a Conservative Party conference with a couple of MPs.

"One of those MPs is now a member of the Cabinet. He kept putting his hand on my knee. The third time I removed his hand and said it is very simple, either you don't put your hand on my knee again or I am going to punch you in the face."

Brewer says it's unacceptable for someone to say to you, "I want to talk to the Totty" after meeting you a couple of times. Brewer shared her story while praising the assistant editor of The Spectator, Isabel Hardman, who recently said an MP referred to her as "the totty," reported The Telegraph.

While the MP has not been named publicly, Hardman took to Twitter to call out on the inappropriate action. "Last night, an MP who I've only met a couple of times actually said to me as his opening gambit 'I want to talk to the totty,'" said Hardman. "Have been thinking about whether or not to tweet about it, but actually that is NOT on and lobby women shouldn't have to put up with it. So I have passed the MP's name on to a whip. I don't betray sources. But I will betray sexists. *Strikes dramatic pose*"