A woman filed charges for medical rape against her fertility doctor on Wednesday, after discovering that he used his own sperm to inseminate her 40 years ago. Katherine Richards, who now lives in Livermore, filed lawsuits against Dr. Michael Kiken who until recently held practice in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Richards sought fertility treatment at Kiken's Alamo, California clinic in 1978. She had consented to be artificially inseminated with an anonymous sperm donor upon the condition that the donor would resemble her husband in looks and ethnicity. Her husband was of Norwegian, Irish and English descent. She also specified the donor should also share their Christian faith, Fox2 Detroit reported.

The shocking revelation came to be when Richards' daughter, Julie Druyor, received the popular 23andMe ancestry DNA kit as a gift last year. The results she got left her in utter disbelief. .

"To come back that I was 50% Jewish made me start to question things. I got connected with a genealogist who was able to make the connection to Michael Kiken," Druyor explained.

Kiken is Jewish and is stated to be much shorter than Richards' husband. He is slender, with brown eyes, and has an olive complexion.

Druyor also learned she has a half-brother and that she is a carrier for Tay Sachs, a rare disorder which increases in people with Ashkenazi Jewish ancestors.

"I'm a product of my mother's abuser. I don't know if I'll ever come to terms with that," Druyor said.

Kiken faces battery and fraud charges that were filed in a U.S. District Court in California by San Francisco based attorney Adam Wolf. The lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount of monetary damages to be paid to the victims, as well as requiring Kiken to fully disclose his personal medical history to the affected families.

Wolf added that a boy residing in the Richards' East Bay neighbourhood was also the result of Kiken's deceitful insemination.

"We are aware of three children who are the product of Dr. Kiken's violations. We don't know if there are any others. It's certainly something that we will find out through our lawsuit."

Wolf said the United States is on the brink of uncovering thousands of fertility fraud cases mostly due to the popularity of home DNA test kits. He hopes that simultaneous lawsuits against doctors will lead to a federal and state anti-fertility fraud legislation.

What the inside of the 23andMe UK test kit looks like - which is following European regulations on DIY test kits
What the inside of the 23andMe UK test kit looks like - which is following European regulations on DIY test kits 23andMe