John Oliver
Television host John Oliver purchased TV time in Trinidad to mock ex-Fifa official Jack Warner. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver is making sure that Fifa does not catch a break in its ongoing corruption scandal.

The HBO nighttime talk show host has devoted two segments about the football organisation's corruption allegations and even drank a Bud Light Lime to fulfill a promise over out-going Fifa president Sepp Blatter's resignation.

According to the AV Club, Oliver went one step further and purchased airtime on Trinidad and Tobago's TV 6 for a pre-recorded message. The network was chosen after ex-Fifa official Jack Warner, who is one of 14 officials indicted by the US Department of Justice, ran an advert called "The Gloves Are Off."

In his advert, Warner attempted to clear his name and accused the football governing body of rigging Trinidad and Tobago's 2010 national election. Warner also threatened to release a treasure trove of Fifa documents about the organisation's corruption.

In response, Oliver released a nearly five-minute video called "The Mittens of Disapproval Are On." Formatted like his TV show, Oliver used Trinidadian slang to ask Warner to not give the world a case of "blue balls" by withholding the files he promised to release.

"The point is, Mr Warner, do not blue ball the entire planet by promising spectacular Fifa revelations and not delivering," Oliver said. He continued by saying Warner had nothing to lose, since he was already in "a lot of trouble" with the US. "Seriously, I've been looking at the indictment, and ... good luck with that."

Oliver goes on to ask Warner to join his two sons in renouncing Fifa and said he's sure Warner has many interesting revelations. "I have no doubt, Mr Warner, that you know as many delicious secrets as he [Chuck Blazer] does. And you owe it to the whole world to tell us."

"Snitches get smooches," he promised to Warner if he "took down" other Fifa officials.