Spain boss Vicente Del Bosque has heavily criticised his squad, claiming "they only think about themselves" following a number of rifts after their World Cup exit in Brazil.

Del Bosque's side as reigning champions suffered the indignity of becoming the first team alongside Australia to be knocked out of World Cup after two disappointing defeats against Holland and Chile.

Some members of the squad have also been upset over Xabi Alonso's comments about their lack of hunger. Meanwhile Del Bosque had a rift with Fabregas after accusing the Chelsea star of lack of effort - ordering him to take off his training bib worn by the starting eleven. He was said to have been relegated to training with the substitutes.

Del Bosque has also not hidden his disappointment with the players' attitude even though he has since buried the hatchet with Fabregas.

"I wasn't taking his training bib from him. It was a minor incident, nothing really. One of the teams was numerically inferior to the other in the practice match and so I decided to change it around. I was asking Xabi Alonso for support. It's no big deal. I am very grateful to the players. I think about all of my players – they think only of themselves," he was quoted by AS.

Questioned about thre reason behind Spain failure, he said: "It was a purely football matter, perhaps something concerning the physical or aspect or a question of tactics."

Meanwhile, he has hinted that he will continue as Spain boss.

"The Spanish Football Federation has faith in us and the work we have done over these past six years has been good... We must have done something right. We will think long and hard about it, I need to think about what is best for Spain. I haven't made any decision yet. I do have the Federation's backing but that doesn't mean that we won't sit down after the World Cup and review the situation".