Fifty Shades Darker
Dakota Johnson plays the character of a naive college girl who is attracted towards billionaire Christian Grey Universal Pictures

Filming for Fifty Shades Darker is on in full swing and recently leaked on-set pictures reveal that after their brief break up, Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey are back together and kissing while soaking in the rain.

Lead stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan were spotted hugging and kissing on the sets. In one of the pictures, the billionaire entrepreneur can be seen consoling a crying Ana and speculations are high that the scene is an emotional moment between the couple right after Jack Hyde attempts to molest Ana.

Watch the video and pictures here.

However, others speculate that they might be reconciling their relationship after their brief break up. In the first movie of the BDSM themed romantic franchise, Ana was caned by Christian. Aghast by the other side of his personality, she leaves him for good. In the second book by bestselling author E.L. James, the couple finally reunite and this scene might just be that.

The movie is broadly based on the various shades of the young entrepreneur's emotional traumas, which he received as a child. He was kinkily exploited by his mother's friend Mrs Robinson (ex-lover Elena Lincoln) when he was a teen.

The second instalment will explore his growing emotions for Johnson's character and how he confesses his darkest secrets to her. However, the more he falls in love with her, the more he stalks her. In an attempt to save her from her pervert boss Jack, he even buys the publishing house where she works.

The current sequel is being directed by James Foley and the on-set images promise that this time there will be sizzling chemistry between the lead couple. The film is expected to premiere on 10 February 2017.