Director Sam Taylor-Johnson has some "wicked artistic vision" for the film version of EL James's best-selling erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

According to the 46-year-old visual artist's husband, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, she has come up with some unique ideas for the highly anticipated movie.

"I'm super-happy for her. I think she's got a wicked artistic vision on it, and I'm glad they're going to go with it. And they're lucky to have her also," Aaron told BANG Showbiz.

At the Comic-Con festival in San Diego earlier this month, Aaron, who starred in Anna Karenina, revealed he is not interested in taking up the role of Christian Grey.

"I know and Sam knows that I'm definitely not Christian Grey. That film is all about casting. It's just a really nice break for me to be able to step back and support her doing something for a little while," he added.

Aaron starred in Sam's one and only feature film, Nowhere Boy, which is a 2009 biopic on late Beatle John Lennon's younger days.

As the speculation over the casting continues, Victoria's Secret model Cara Delevingne has reportedly auditioned for a secondary role in the film.

"Cara is a front-runner for a part. She's desperate to get the gig and has always said that she wanted to be taken seriously as an actress," a source told the Sun, "[Cara] is a global icon now and a good actress as well and Sam wants her in the movie - though which part exactly hasn't been established."

It was previously announced that the film will be released in North America on 1 July 2014.