A major fire has broken out in Dubai's Torch skyscraper, one of the world's tallest buildings.

No casualties have been reported so far as evacuations are under way.

The blaze, the cause of which is yet to be ascertained, is suspected to have started in the tower's 50th floor at about 02:00 am local time.

The 86-storey building, which reaches 336m (1,105ft) from the ground, is located in the northeastern end of a densely populated area of Dubai Marina, which has several other skyscrapers.

Efforts to bring the fire under control have been hampered by strong winds.

"The guards were pretty frantic. You can actually see the flames being pushed out by the fire hoses," Kathryn Dickie, a resident of the tower, told ABC News.

Flaming debris was seen falling and smouldering on the ground. Authorities have cordoned off the area.

Even as fire-fighters were battling the inferno, the power supply was on in some of the apartments.

The residents of one of the neighbouring buildings were asked to evacuate citing safety that the flames could be fanned by strong winds. They were later allowed inside.

The Torch tower is known for frequent false alarms, residents say.

"There have been three fire alarms every week recently and all were false. This time I heard it and said it must be false. But then I smelt smoke. I took my wallet and ran down along with my wife. We live on the 59th floor," a resident was quoted as saying by Gulf News.

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