The first gay pride march for four years has been held in the Serbian capital Belgrade.

Amid huge security, including special forces and armoured vehicles, hundreds took part in the Pride march.

The last time the event took place in the city, marchers were attacked, and authorities have cancelled the Gay Pride events every year since.

Anti-homosexual views are rife in Serbia.

Two-thirds of respondents to a survey four years ago said that they viewed homosexuality as a disease. The patriarch of the Orthodox Church has also condemned homosexuality and the Gay Pride movement.

Experts believe that authorities allowed the parade to take place to placate Brussels, and smooth the way for Serbia to gain EU membership.

Marchers took a route to the centre of the city, where LBGT rights campaigners from throughout Europe addressed the crowd.

On Saturday, anti-gay rights campaigners demonstrated in the capital, but there was no violence on Sunday's march.

In early September, a German LBGT rights campaigner was hospitalised after being attacked in Belgrade.