Patrick Jane and Lisbon work with FBI in The Mentalist Season 6
Patrick Jane and Lisbon work with FBI in The Mentalist Season 6 TheMentalist/facebook

After a superbly executed mid-season time jump, The Mentalist rebooted itself with a cooler, less intense Jane in the spotlight.

The show's mid-season break had left fans disappointed, but as 5 January comes closer (the next episode's air date), viewers and diehard followers of the series are already predicting the show's future plot points.

One of the main concerns is whether or not the show will gradually settle back into its original tone. A leaked "first look" video of the next episode White Lines might have some answers.

Although the promo for The Mentalist's return to TV may not be of the best video quality, it gives an indication that while the show seems to be settling back into procedural space, there are still going to be few surprises.

Jane and Lisbon working with the FBI will be the first big hook for the show's "new beginning". The cases now will be more complex than they were with the CBI, reports

White Lines will see Simon Baker's character put himself back on the dating circuit after many years of trying to avenge his wife.

For all the Jisbon fans, there may still be hope as they will get a better chance to see just what sort of relationship that the two can have now that the burden called Red John is off Jane's back.

The 8 December episode took the show back to its basics, much to fans' delight. The episode titled Green Thumb was rooted in the "crime-solving" essence of the show. It also reintroduced the mischievous side of Patrick Jane, something that was missing over the last few episodes apparently due to the dark factors leading to Red John's killing.

"We're going to have some fun putting Jane into an entirely different work environment," Simon Baker told TV Guide. "He'll not only find his spark again - he'll have a whole lot of new people to rub the wrong way!"

Watch the first promo video of The Mentalist Season 6, White Lines: