One Direction
One Direction have unveiled a first look at their upcoming doppelgangers on Family Guy Getty

Back In January, it was revealed that One Direction would be making their debut as cartoon characters in hit animated series Family Guy later on this year. Now, the English-Irish band have revealed a teasing first look at their two-dimensional selves via their official Twitter account.

In the new image, members Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Harry Styles can be seen sitting around a campfire with series regular and youngest of the Griffin family, Stewie. With a tent in the background, it appears as if the five of them are staying there for the night but whether they're pals with the flamboyant, dungaree-wearing infant or whether they're there against their will remains to be seen – no storyline is too far-fetched for Family Guy these days!

Judging by the expression on 1D's faces in the picture, they're either not too happy about being there with Stewie – who is voiced by creator Seth MacFarlane – or the baby is telling them a particularly intense ghost story...

As previously reported, both Tomlinson and Payne recorded dialogue for the episode but the exact part the boys will play in the show is being kept under wraps. In the episode, Chris (Seth Green) is elected homecoming king, but Meg (Mila Kunis) hears of the popular student's plans to sabotage his crowning moment. Meanwhile, Peter and his friends seek someone to replace Cleveland whenever he is absent spending too much time with Jerome the bartender.

The animated-versions ring pretty true to the real-life ones with Tomlinson shown in his signature red [Adidas] sports jacket and white T-shirt (which he has been spotted in recently) and Styles in a trademark flowery low-cut shirt. If you look really closely, you can even see bearded Payne's relatively-new rose hand tattoo which he had inked earlier this year.

The episode, which is officially titled Run, Chris Run, is set to air in the US on Fox on Sunday 15 May at 9pm. Albeit in cartoon form, their appearance marks a reunion for the boyband since embarking on a hiatus in 2015.

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