Five people who had been missing following the fire at Grenfell Tower have been found "safe and well."

Commander Stuart Cundy of the Metropolitan Police confirmed that he was "so grateful" that five people who had been missing after the fire on Wednesday 14 June had been found over the past few days.

79 people have been confirmed dead in the fire. A number of people remain missing with the death toll expected to rise.

Cdr Cundy warned of the potential "terrible reality" that some people may never be identified due to the intensity of the fire.

"I must consider the fact that there may be others in the building who, for whatever reason have not been reported to us.

"There is also a real possibility that there may be people in the building that no-one knows are missing," he said.

Images have also been released by the police from inside the gutted 24-storey high rise in west London.

Cdr Cundy added: "Whilst our teams have been from the bottom to the top of the tower, we must now carry out a full forensic and systematic search.

"The conditions due to the fire damage verge on indescribable, which is why this will be such a lengthy operation taking weeks to complete."