"The Flash" creator Eric Wallace said the show will treat the Elongated Man's disappearance from Season 7 as only a resting period and not a removal of the character.

Hartley Sawyer's firing from The CW show in June left fans wondering how the installment will cover his character's story moving forward. He brought comic relief to the series since Season 4 with his portrayal of Randolph "Ralph" Dibny a.k.a. the Elongated Man.

According to Wallace, the character is not going anywhere. They will treat his absence as "a bit of a rest for a while."

"The beauty of comic book stories and superhero stories are the conventions that heroes come and go, but they never fade away and they never disappear entirely. So we're going to treat it like we would if we were writing a comic book graphic novel," Wallace told Entertainment Weekly.

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The showrunner did not rule out the character's return in future seasons of "The Flash" and assured that they "will leave the door open" for his return.

"Who knows what the future could bring. It is unknown. But I'm not saying by any means that it's the end of the character, in fact, quite the opposite," Wallace said and admitted that they just "do not know when he will return, or in what form he will return."

Before sending the Elongated Man off to rest, he will first make a brief appearance at the start of "The Flash" Season 7 just to tie up some loose ends from the Season 6 finale about Sue's murder. Only this time, he will have a different face than what fans are used to.

Wallace is grateful that the character can change faces and adapt several appearances. So without giving any spoilers away, he said there are two ways they will bring the Elongated Man back in at least one episode of "The Flash" Season 7. He said it is technically a recasting but it will be done just as a tribute to the character and for fans to say goodbye until his return. It would also provide closure to Sue's murder mystery which is "done with some sense of humour."

Hartley Sawyer
Hartley Sawyer played the Elongated Man in "The Flash." Heroes & Villains/ Wikimedia Commons