Dramatic video footage has been released by Australian police that shows the moment a fleeing gunman is struck by an oncoming vehicle during a police chase in New South Wales.

The incident, which took place on 5 February, involved police pursuing a car near Brisbane until it crossed the state border into New South Wales.

The vehicle was stopped shortly afterwards using tyre spikes at which point the men abandoned the vehicle and tried to hijack another car on a busy motorway.

The aerial video shows the men pointing a gun at cars, causing a collision when a red car stops near the gunman only to be hit from behind by a silver car.

One of the men then tries to stop another car by aiming his gun at the windscreen, only to be knocked off his feet by the oncoming vehicle.

Police managed to arrest both men, who have been charged with attempted murder and face more charges in relation to allegedly carjacking a total of three cars earlier in Queensland. Authorities also claimed that no one was injured in the incident.