Wildlife officials in Florida are investigating a video on social media that appears to show a shark tied to the back of a speedboat which is dragging it through the water.

In the video posted by Mark 'the shark' Quartiano, a shark appears to flip and struggle in the water as three males watch and comment.

The Storyful news agency reported that the video was being widely shared on sport fishing communitites. Quartiano told Storyful he was sent the video by one of the people who was on the boat and posted it on social media because he was so outraged.

Quartiano also claimed that lawyers for one of those involved had asked him to take down the video but he had refused. He told ABC news that he thought the people who sent the video "saw a need to send me that video - like I was going to condone that kind of behaviour, which I don't."

In 2016, the Miami New Times called Quartiano "Miami's most famed deep-sea hunter".

A statement from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said that they were investigating the incident. "We have been alerted to this video. We take this very seriously and are currently investigating this incident. We are also attempting to identify the individuals in the video and where it took place."

Some reports have named at least one of those who was allegedly part of the video. In Quartiano's instagram post he tagged two account, one of which has seemingly been deleted and the other of which is private.

Caution: Disturbing scenes