Floyd Mayweather Jr. was involved in a brawl with Jake Paul and threatened to kill him during an event promoting his upcoming exhibition bout with the YouTube star's brother Logan Paul in Miami.

A melee involving Mayweather's bodyguards and several other parties broke out after the younger Paul brother exchanged words with the former five-division world champion and went on to steal the undefeated boxer's hat.

Paul came away worse in the end after he revealed post-brawl that one of the bodyguards caught him clean in the eye with a punch. The stunt was pre-planned as the YouTube star shared a video that he was planning to steal Mayweather's hat.

went as planned pic.twitter.com/bw8WGwUkd5

— GOTCHA HAT (@jakepaul) May 6, 2021

"One of Floyd's 30 bodyguards got a clean shot on me in the eye," Paul tweeted after the incident. "Honestly I have had three easy fights as a pro so I've been itching for some real action. I stole his hat because he steals people's money with boring fights."

Floyd threatening to kill Jake Paul - exactly the publicity this fight needed ?pic.twitter.com/sZ1MY1scuc

— RICO Boxing (@RICO_Boxing1) May 6, 2021

Before the brawl, Logan Paul told AFP that he was certain that he could do what no other boxer has managed thus far – beat Mayweather. The retired five-division world champion last fought in a sanctioned fight in 2017 and ended his professional career with 50 wins from 50 fights.

"After this fight I don't want anyone to tell me something is impossible," Logan said, as quoted by the BBC. "I am representing the guy who was counted out, the guy who believed in himself so much that his unrelenting belief in himself propelled him to success. That's me. I don't just think I can beat him. I know I can beat him."

Meanwhile, Mayweather's long-time nemesis Conor McGregor is never one to miss a chance to get into a verbal spat with the American boxer. The Irishman was quick to call out Mayweather's manager and labelled the incident embarrassing, while also mocking him for agreeing to fight Paul in an exhibition bout.

"The kid curled up, didn't fight back once, and Floyd is still running around acting the tough guy. The kid actually just pulled this shambles of a situation Floyd is in out of the drain for him. He should thank him. It's embarrassing!" McGregor wrote on Instagram following the incident.

"Whatever way you spin this, it's sad. Fight someone for real, on your record, or f*ck off mate. Slap head!"

Floyd Mayweather
Tempers flare as Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul confront each other during a media event for Mayweather's June 6 fight with Logan Paul in Miami on Thursday Eva Marie UZCATEGUI/AFP