Boulders detached from cliff and rolled into barn and vineyard. kawkaw lazlaz/YouTube

Video footage has emerged of the trail of destruction left by huge boulders after they broke off a cliff in northern Italy and came crashing down through a barn and vineyard.

Around 4,000 cubic metres of rock fell from the cliff in Tramin, in South Tyrol. A barn and vineyards were badly damaged but no one was hurt by the rockfall.

The 300-year-old barn was destroyed kawkaw lazlaz/YouTube

Two huge boulders made it right through the 300-year-old barn before coming to a stop in a nearby field. A third boulder stopped just before the main house, while a fourth lodged inside the destroyed barn.

Footage shows where the boulders came from and how they rolled down the cliff leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. A parked car and a tractor were also crushed by the boulders.

The estate manager said the damage will cost millions kawkaw lazlaz/YouTube

State Geologist David Toni Dandl told the South Tirol News: "A rock tower has dissolved and a residual rock is still unstable, as it greatly narrows the foot and makes an unstable impression. There are still many loose boulders present."

Arnold Schuler, civil defence councillor, added: "We will do everything possible soon to establish the safety of the residents again."

Baron Philipp von Hohenbühel, the manager of the estate, said the damage would cost millions.

The main house was undamaged kawkaw lazlaz/YouTube

The largest boulder measured around 400 cubic metres – about the size of a small house.

In total, around four acres of land were destroyed, with the total distance covered measuring around 200m.

A volunteer at the local fire department said the rest of the rock tower needs to be blown up in order to prevent any similar incidents from happening again.