• A large carpet python is seen hanging from a tree with a dead possum in its jaws.
  • Brisbane family watches on as snake hauls in its unfortunate prey.

Australia is home to a whole host of dangerous predators but even locals were shocked to see this unusual event: a possum suspended from a tree by a large snake.

Brisbane resident Peter McMaster was working in his garden when he noticed a strange commotion in a tree above his lawn. Upon looking up, he saw the chilling sight of a possum caught in the jaws of a carpet python.

He decided to film the event as his family watched the drama unfold: "There it was, a possum hanging from the tree — on the end of a snake," he said.

The minute-long video shows how the python struggled to reel the prey into its nest. According Mr McMaster, it took a full 30 minutes for the snake to finally haul it in and constrict it. A carpet python takes around 24 hours to fully devour prey that size.

"It was just an unbelievable thing to see, especially for the kids," he told

This was not the first time the family had encountered what they believe was the same snake. Just two weeks previously the family dog encountered a python as it was about to constrict a flying fox – saving its life in the process.

"We haven't got a name for it but I think after this it deserves one. I'll leave it up to the kids to come up with one."

Despite the predator's fearsome reputation, Mr McMaster says he does not have a problem with the snake being around the house. His 11-year-old daughter – a huge animal lover - said she was "amazed" by the experience. The family says it is hoping for another glimpse of the snake sometime in the near future.