Manchester City fans have the most sex in the Premier League, and Newcastle United fans the least, according to a new survey.

The survey, by sex toys firm, claims that a third of City fans romp at least once a day, scoring more than their team managed on Saturday 11 May, when City were beaten 1-0 in the FA Cup Final by Wigan Athletic.

The unusually high figure may be a lingering side-effect of an unforgettable climax last season, when City clinched their first top-division title for 44 years with the last kick of the game.

Chelsea fans come second, as it were, with 24% indulging daily, and Arsenal third at 22%.

But just one in 20 Newcastle United fans enjoy the same frequency. Sunderland fans were second from bottom, with just 8% having sex at least once a day.

Manchester United followers didn't perform much better - with just 11% having sex daily.

The beautiful game is clearly an aphrodisiac for many, as the poll suggests that 58% of fans have sex in front of the television while the match is on, while more restrained folk wait until half-time.