Madjid Bougherra
Qatar Lekhwiya's Madjid Bougherra (L) fights for the ball with Mukhtar Fallatah of Al Ittihad Saudi Arabia during their AFC Championship League soccer match in Doha March 18, 2014. REUTERS/Fadi Al-Assaad

Algerian footballer Madjid Bougherra received the fright of his life when he was subjected to a mock execution for a cruel Algerian TV prank. Bougherra, who has played for Rangers and Charlton, was kidnapped, driven to the desert and then threatened with execution before being told it was all a joke.

According to the Daily MailOnline, Bougherra was relaxing with a friend at a café when he was forced to the ground by actors pretending to be armed terrorists. The footballer attempted to calm the café's customers, who were all actors, after they were forced into a cupboard.

The kidnapped customers were then blindfolded and then taken to a secluded location in the desert, the Daily Mail reported. There, the fake extremists forced their captives to kneel in the sand, threatening them with execution.

Finally, the frightened captives were told it was all for an extremely cruel prank for the TV show Camera Cache in Algeria. The clip ends with Bougherra chasing his friend, who had participated in the prank, around the desert.

The 32-year-old defender currently plays for Al-Fujairah in the UAE Arabian Gulf League.

Algeria remains on high alert after a series of kidnappings by leading terrorism organisation. According to the MailOnline, 30 Western hostages and six British hostages were executed after taken hostage by Al Qaeda in January 2013.