James Cleverly has been reappointed as foreign secretary
The Foreign Office has confirmed that Foreign Secretary James Cleverly is on a "solidarity" visit to Israel as the death toll along the Gaza Strip crosses 2100 in the aftermath of the Hamas attack on Israel. AFP News

Since the Hamas attack on Israel on Saturday, the Gaza Strip has been in continuous conflict between Israel and Palestine. Amidst this, the UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly visited Israel on Wednesday to stand in support for the country in this troubled time.

This comes at a time when world leaders have come together to condemn the Hamas attack on Israel with major landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the White House donning the Israeli flag colours. 10 Downing Street also decked up in blue and white to show solidarity.

Earlier on Sunday, the Foreign Secretary held talks with Arab foreign ministers including those in Jordan, Egypt, Israel and Palestine. He also visited the Israeli Embassy in London and talked to Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Ibrahim Shtayyeh.

However, Wednesday's visit to Israel to profess the UK's "unwavering solidarity" to Israel since the Hamas attack in the wake of the Hamas attacks was most crucial.

Earlier today, the Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Innovation Michelle Donelan held a meeting with social media to stop the spread of misinformation regarding the Hamas attack on Israel.

Britain and America are firmly backing Israel's efforts to protect its territory after the Hamas attack. But both countries have expressed concern at the UN about the impact on civilian lives as air strikes continue to happen from both sides.

Since Israel declared war on Sunday, the Netanyahu government has stopped the passage of water, food, fuel and medicine in the Gaza Strip region. On Tuesday, the only access point in the area from Egypt was shut down as air strikes happened near the border crossing

Concerns about the region are mounting as the death toll from the Israel-Hamas conflict crosses 2100.

Confirming the UK Foreign Secretary's visit to Israel, the UK Foreign Office said that the UK government wants to demonstrate the "UK's unwavering solidarity with the Israeli people following Hamas's terrorist attacks".

The Foreign Office further underlined the Foreign Secretary's plan of action as he will be meeting "the survivors of the attacks and senior Israeli leaders". Britain's agenda is to "outline the UK's support for Israel's right to defend itself" in all these meetings.

Opposition asks Foreign Secretary about measures to airlift British citizens

So far 17 British citizens including children are either missing or dead in the conflict zone along the Gaza Strip and the UK is concerned about the safety of these British nationals.

Earlier, media reports estimated the number to be over 10 but none of these figures have been confirmed by the UK government.

The Rishi Sunak government has blamed the "fast-moving situation" for not confirming the number of dead or missing citizens in the region.

However, media reports suggest that 20-year-old Nathanel Young has been killed in the Hamas attack. Young was serving the Israeli army. Another British national from Glasgow, Bernard Cowan also died in the attacks.

A high school senior of Nathanel Young, 26-year-old Jack Marlowe has been missing since the Hamas attack on Israel. Marlowe was at the helm of security at the Supernova music festival Kibbutz Re'im desert when Hamas gunmen invaded the area and killed people.

Another British national, a photographer named Dan Darlington is believed to be dead after his sister said he had been "murdered" at Nir Oz, a kibbutz in southern Israel in a social media post.

Amidst these speculations, the Labour Party has sought clarity from the UK Foreign Office. The opposition is pressing the Sunak government to take adequate measures to ensure that British citizens can leave the region if they want to.

Shadow foreign secretary David Lammy has asked why UK airlines have been forced to cancel flights when the Israeli airspace is still open.

In his letter to the UK Foreign Secretary, Lammy underlined that "seven countries have announced rescue flights to airlift their stranded citizens".

Lammy said: "This is obviously deeply concerning for all those who are desperate to return to loved ones in the UK."

However, both the Conservatives and Labour have supported Israel's right to defend itself after the Hamas attack.

While Defence Secretary Grant Shapps said the UK would defend Israel's right to protect itself, Opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer also showed support for Israel.

British ministers have also made it clear that the UK Jewish community needs to be protected.

While the UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman declared waving the Palestinian flag on the streets of the UK as illegitimate and an act of supporting terrorism, Starmer said flag-waving is a contextual issue.

Flag waving is a different situation which depends on the circumstances, said the Leader of the Opposition.

"If it's provoking or encouraging attacks that might be one thing, there might be other situations," Starmer added.

Cautioning about the situation, Starmer said it's important "we don't conflate peaceful discussion of Palestinian issues with Hamas".