Ex-Arsenal and Chelsea star Petr Cech will now be seen in a completely new role in a different sport other than football. Cech will now play ice hockey and football fans are amazed by this surprising decision by the former Chelsea goalkeeper. Cech has signed for National Ice Hockey League team Guildford Phoenix as the goaltender.

Since his retirement from professional football, Cech started working on his Ice Hockey skills. The former Czech Republic goalkeeper was always fond of the sport. Recently, the 37-year old got an opportunity to display his goaltending skills on the ice.

Guildford Phoenix signed the former Arsenal and Chelsea goalkeeper as a part of their developmental plan. Cech will be aiming to help the young Guildford team fulfill their goals. Currently, Cech's ice hockey team features in the second division of British Ice Hockey.

Guildford has signed Cech as their third-choice keeper. The former Czech Republic icon is also serving as a technical and performance advisor to his former club, Chelsea. Between his football commitments, Cech is expected to take some time out to train with his new ice hockey team.

Petr Cech
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Speaking about his latest sports venture, Cech revealed to the BBC that he is excited to play his childhood favourite sport at a professional level. He is very excited to experience ice hockey after spending more than two decades in the football industry.

Cech clarified, "Some people seem to think I've changed my job. No, I didn't. Luckily my job at Chelsea doesn't stop me in my spare time from playing the game I loved as a kid and which I've been playing for years. While being a professional footballer, I couldn't play the game for obvious reasons. Now I can."

Cech is known for his brilliant football career, both at the club level as well as for his country. The former Chelsea superstar won four Premier League titles, three League Cups, five FA Cup titles, one Europa League and also the most coveted Champions League, during his time as a footballer in England. Now, it's it's time to see how well Cech can execute his ice hockey skills in the professional stage.