Reality TV star Claudia Jordan took to social media to share her experience as a briefcase girl on "Deal or No Deal" which is contradictory to what Meghan Markle said that the show made her feel "objectified."

In her recent Spotify podcast episode on "Archetypes," the Duchess of Sussex looked back on her days working at the game show during her interview with Paris Hilton. She shared that it made her feel like a "bimbo." She acknowledged that it paid the bills and that the other "briefcase girls" were all smart. But the atmosphere of the show made them feel otherwise.

However, Jordan took offence at the duchess' claims. In a lengthy post on her Instagram Stories, she defended "Deal or No Deal" and said that the show helped launch her career.

The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast member, who appeared on the show from 2005 to 2009, said that they "never treated them like bimbos." She said she "enjoyed" her experience on the show.

She clarified that her statement is not an "attack" on Meghan Markle cause she has been one of her strong supporters. She just wanted to put out a comment because she "didn't want any misunderstanding about the climate and environment" on the show.

Over on Twitter, someone asked Jordan if her defence of "Deal or No Deal" comes after she listened to the duchess' interview with Hilton. She admitted that she did not get the time to listen to the episode and said she only "responded to a tabloid headline." She said, "Still wasn't an attack no matter how some will chose to interpret it. We can ALL speak on OUR experiences on the show. No harm in that!"

However, there were those who came to Meghan Markle's defence as she was only sharing her personal experience on "Deal or No Deal" and not speaking for the other girls. One Twitter user posted a transcript of her statement in the episode to help Jordan understand the context of the duchess' story after Jordan admitted she only responded to a tabloid.

Meghan Markle admitted that she was thankful for "Deal or No Deal" but not for how it made her feel.

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Meghan Markle once starred on Deal or No Deal NBC