Kevin Ware Jr. was named as a suspect in the disappearance and death of his girlfriend Taylor Pomaski, during a bond hearing on Wednesday at Montgomery County.

The former tight end for the San Francisco 49ers was in court over charges unrelated to his girlfriend's disappearance. He was arrested because he violated his $23,000 bail bond from prior cases. He was booked on two counts of Possession with Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm as a Felon.

The 40-year old was released on bail on April 20, five days before Pomaski went missing. Police arrested him on June 11 in Houston, Texas because he failed to show up for his bond supervision hearings in April and May.

During the court hearing, prosecutors requested Ware be denied bail because he is a suspect in his girlfriend's disappearance and probable death.

"The defendant is suspected of murdering his girlfriend, Taylor Pomaski," prosecutors said in documents obtained by KHOU-TV.

The authorities did not elaborate on their suspicions and did not provide evidence. Ware has also not been legally charged with any crime related to his girlfriend's disappearance and has not entered a plea deal in the other cases filed against him. The former NFL player's attorney told KPRC-TV that his client is surprised he was named a suspect.

ARRESTED: Kevin Ware Jr., the ex-NFL player whose girlfriend is missing, was arrested on a fugitive warrant out of Montgomery Co. for bond violation there.
Harris Co. investigators say they have been trying to speak with him for weeks about the disappearance of Taylor Pomaski.

— Shelley Childers (@shelleyabc13) June 11, 2021

"That's the first time we've seen that," attorney Coby DuBose told the station adding, "That filing is the first time that it's been suggested that he is a suspect."

"He's been cooperative. He's told the police everything that he knows and he's led them through his house. He's let them in his home, and that's really all we're going to say about that," Ware's attorney said.

DuBose shared his belief this his client does not have anything to do with Pomaski's disappearance. But he requested copies of statements, reports, and other documents relating to the investigation. Meanwhile, Ware has been rescheduled for another bond hearing on June 29.

The search for the 29-year-old Pomaski continues. She was reportedly last seen at a party at her residence in the 4500 block of Stallion Brook Lane on April 25. She has blond hair below her shoulders, a mole on her left eyebrow and on the left side of her nose, and an "Infinity Serenity" tattoo on the front of her hip.

Kevin Ware Jr.
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