Ukip general secretary Roger Bird (left) denies harassment claims by Natasha Bolter
Ukip general secretary Roger Bird (left) denies harassment claims by Natasha Bolter

In a Newsnight interview, Natasha Bolter accused Roger Bird, Ukip's general secretary of "lying" about the nature of their relationship.

Roger Bird, accused of sexually harassing Natasha Bolter, says he will release emails and text messages proving he has done "nothing wrong".

The Ukip General Secretary told The Telegraph that he was in a "consensual" relationship with Bolter. She was expected to be selected as parliamentary candidate for Basildon in Essex, one of Ukip's prime seats, but withdrew on Monday.

Bird, who has been suspended by Ukip pending an internal investigation, said that there was "interest on both sides" and that he has "plenty" of emails and text messages to support his case.

One message, from 1 November 1, allegedly sent by Bolter states: "I love u and miss u and think u r sort of perfect..."

On 2 November, a text said: 'I love u bird and wish u let me look after u. Hope u feel better xx."

Boulter, who defected from Labour, told Newsnight she had exchanged several friendly and affectionate texts and emails with Bird. "There are texts between us, not of an intimate nature, kisses after a text, that's a girl thing to do. But I don't think that's particularly intimate."

When asked by Tom Mangold on Newsnight whether Bird had made a clear sexual proposition, Bolter said: "Yes, but when I said no, nothing happened. He is a gentleman. I never felt scared of him. I just felt pressured that if I did the right thing my career would have gone faster and further if I would have slept with him, I would probably have had an easier time than I have had in Ukip. I joined the party and then I was thrown to the wolves."

Pressed by Mangold whether the former Labour party member was telling the truth, Bolter said firmly: "I know he is lying. I did not sleep with Roger Bird. End of.

"He wasn't taking me seriously as a candidate, he was looking at me as a sex object."