The Fosters Season 2 will premiere on Monday on ABC Family and will feature the aftermath of Callie's search for her biological father.

The first season ended with Callie learning that the man she thought of as 'dad' was not her biological father.

Callie, the adopted teen of lesbian couple Stef and Lena, is living a complicated life and finds it difficult to manage her love life with Brandon as both share the same legal parents.

The official synopsis of the premier episode via cartermatt reads:

"In the all-new episode of 'The Fosters,' Brandon contemplates a big decision that could either restore or destroy his dream of playing piano, but Stef and Lena find themselves on opposite ends of the debate. The Foster siblings plot to cheer Brandon up by taking him out to see a band and he butts heads with the sexy lead singer Lou (guest star Ashley Argota).

Meanwhile, Stef confronts Mike about his whereabouts the night Ana disappeared. A mysterious stranger keeps tabs on Callie, and Callie is faced with a choice that could further complicate her life. An encounter with Connor's dad creates a rift in Jude and Connor's friendship. And Jesus begins to feel threatened by Emma's independent spirit."

Click Here to watch The Fosters Season 2 livestream online, which will premire on ABC Family on 16 July.

In an interview with TV line, actress Maia Mitchell, who plays the character of Callie, threw some insight into what is ahead for Callie.

"When the season picks up, you see her basically trying to figure that out. She's not interested in knowing who this person is," Mitchell told the website.

"If she had her way, she would never put a face to his name. She doesn't want to open another door and not know what's on the other side of it.

"For Callie, now it's really about the adoption and how can we get this happening, especially now that Jude's been adopted. She really sees the effect that it has on Jude, knowing that he's been adopted and she hasn't. That's really where her head's at. She's not so interested in knowing who this Robert Quinn person is," she added.